Substation (66/110kV)

The application of SVC in high-voltage power transmission network can significantly improve the transmission and distribution performance of power system. SVC installed at one or more suitable locations in the power grid can stabilize the voltage of weak system, increase the damping under small interference, improve the transient steady-state limit, increase the transmission capacity, maximize the efficiency of the existing power grid but reduce the transmission loss. In addition, the installation of SVC system in the power distribution network can also effectively improve the voltage stability of the power distribution network and greatly reduce the voltage fluctuation.

RXPE’s SVC can quickly and accurately carry out capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation, so that SVC can completely and conveniently solve the problem of reverse reactive power transmission while stabilizing bus voltage and improving power factor. Moreover, when the new SVC system is installed, the original fixed capacitor bank can be made full use of, and only thyristor controlled reactor (only TCR part is OK) needs to be added, which can achieve the best effect with the least investment. This is the most effective method to improve the power supply quality of the regional power grid.

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