RSVG series low voltage static var generator

RSVG series low voltage SVG is a self-commutation bridge circuit composed of turn-off high-power power electronic devices (IGBT). It is connected in parallel to the power grid through the reactor. By adjusting the amplitude and phase position of the output voltage at the AC side of the bridge circuit, it can quickly output or absorb the required reactive power, to achieve the purpose of dynamic reactive power regulation. It can not only track the reactive current of the compensation system, but also track and compensate the harmonic current below the 14th order.

Major function 

1.Improve the stability of circuit output

2.Maintain the voltage at the receiving end and strengthen the voltage stability of the system

3.Compensation system reactive power, improve power factor, compensate three-phase imbalance of power grid

4. Mitigate voltage fluctuation and flicker

5.On the function basis of traditional SVG, RSVG has added the function of filtering the characteristic harmonics below 14th order, and its filtering capacity is about 50% of the RSVG rated current.

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