RSVG high voltage static var generator -- 35kV cascade SVG (air cooling outdoor)

RongxinXingye high voltage reactive power compensation device (RSVG) adopts the reactive power detection method of instantaneous reactive power theory, takes power factor and grid side voltage as control objectives, dynamically tracks the changes of grid power related indicators, and adjusts reactive power output according to the changes, so as to achieve the operation of the grid with high power quality. The controller adopts high-speed DSP and FPGA to realize full digital control, voltage and current digital closed-loop and carrier phase-shifting technology, and the signal is transmitted by optical fiber to realize high-voltage isolation and improves the stability and reliability of the whole machine. The H-bridge power module chain composed of IGBT is used as the structure of the inverter main circuit, it has simple topology and reliable performance, and is supplemented by small capacity energy storage elements. The whole machine is step wave formed of multi-level steps, and the sine degree is good after output reactor filtering. RSVG can be called "perfect harmonic-free converter" because it has muitiple output voltage levels and better harmonic spectrum.

RSVG series products are composed of control section, power part, charging part and cooling device.

The power unit module of the power part is connected to the power grid through wye-connection or delta-connection.

Connection mode: Y wye-connection / D delta-connection

Installation location: outdoor

Cooling mode: air cooling

Compensation phase number: T three phase / S single phase

Voltage level of access point (kV) / step-down level (kV)

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