Liaoning Rongxin Industrial: Relying on core competitiveness to achieve high-quality enterprise development

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The launch ceremony of the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project was held in France a few days ago. It is reported that the ITER project is a major international cooperation project jointly participated by the European Union, China, South Korea, Russia, Japan, India and the United States. The main purpose is to simulate the nuclear fusion process of the sun's energy production, also known as the "artificial sun" project. The (ITER) plan has extremely high requirements on the voltage level, capacity, and application environment of the required reactive power compensation equipment, so qualified suppliers are screened globally. Through fierce competition, the high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC) of Liaoning Rongxin Xingye Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rongxin Xingye") has been recognized by the project bidder for its high-quality products. According to industry insiders, this indicates that domestic SVC products have begun to enter the international high-end engineering application field.

The product is a reflection and epitome of the overall strength of an enterprise. Rongxin Industrial's ability to take the lead in the project bidding of the ITER plan is behind the core competitiveness formed by building a high-quality enterprise through years of innovation.

The picture shows the production workshop of Rongxin Xingye

Compete in the high-end market with high-quality products

Rongxin Industrial is located in High-tech Zone, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, design and manufacturing of reactive power compensation equipment under the listed company-Tianjin Bailite Precision Electric Co., Ltd. Its main products are high-voltage dynamic reactive power. Compensation device (SVC), high voltage static var generator (SVG), series compensation (SC) and active filter device (APF).

Reactive power compensation is a necessary equipment to improve the power supply efficiency of the power system and improve the power supply environment. Its high-end product market is mainly occupied by international companies such as ABB and Siemens. Due to the high cost of foreign products, it greatly limits the promotion of SVC and SVG in the domestic power system. application. Faced with this market pattern, Rongxin Xingye has set up an extraordinary development strategy from the beginning of its business, namely: avoiding the blind imitation and price wars of domestic counterparts, and using its own innovative technology to create high-quality products to compete for the domestic market. Market, and then gradually move towards the international market. In fact, this development strategy is that Rongxin Xingye insists on a high starting point from the very beginning and aims to develop high-quality enterprises.

Over the years, Rongxin Xingye has adhered to this "initial aspiration" and committed to independent innovation and original innovation. Through years of continuous innovation, it has established three basic points for the development of high-quality enterprises: First, it has built a line from R&D, design, manufacturing to marketing. Specialized industrial chain of services, product technical specifications conform to international standards, and process technology has many unique features; second, a high-quality product chain of reactive power compensation device product series has been built, and the high-quality features of its products are reflected in low cost , Diversified forms, full voltage levels, large capacity ranges, comprehensive control strategies, stable and reliable operation, and the full range of products cover high, medium and low voltage fields; the third is to become a qualified supplier recognized by the domestic and foreign markets, and to govern the enterprise in strict accordance with relevant international standards , Obtained international certifications such as German TUV, EU CE-LVD, ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001, and built a standardized enterprise management system.

Reactive power compensation, as a device to improve the power supply efficiency of the power system, has a high threshold for entering the State Grid, China Southern Power Grid and important power construction projects. It has strict requirements on the technical performance, safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of the products. Under this market background, Rongxin Xingye competes with high-quality products for the high end of the market, providing complete solutions to improve power quality and operating efficiency for users of energy, metallurgy, electric power, coal, non-ferrous metals, and electrified railways. It has successfully provided 30 Power projects in many countries and regions provide solutions, and the global supply of SVC products and SVG products has accumulated more than 1,500 sets and 3,000 sets.

Rongxin Xingye has continuously challenged the iconic high-end goals and created many outstanding projects in the fight against the high-end market with high-quality products. Such as: the direct-mounted 66kV light-controlled SVC project for the Donganshan Substation of the State Grid Corporation of China, the light-controlled thyristor SVC project for the 35kV/210Mvar 35kV/210Mvar substation of the 500kV Wuzhou Substation of the Southern Power Grid EHV Transmission Company, and the SVC and DC-cum-DC project implemented for the Bijie Substation of Guizhou Power Grid The ice melting device project, the 35kV direct-mounted SVG designed for the Inner Mongolia Baiyun Wind Power Plant, the single-phase SVG realization of the negative sequence suppression function for the Nanxiang Traction Substation of the Shanghai Railway Administration, and the power supply system for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge artificial island project, Xinzhuangzi The products and advanced technologies provided by the complementary equipment, etc., provided by the Xiangyin Olympic Welcome Photovoltaic Corridor Project have laid a solid foundation for its technical contribution and market recognition in the field of power electronics technology.

Not only that, Rongxin Xingye also grasps the differentiated needs of customers, and provides customers with professional, systematic and complete overall solutions and services. For example, the innovative use of light-triggered heat pipe cooling SVC technology solves the problem of subsynchronous resonance in the long-distance transmission of 600,000 kilowatts of thermal power units in Shaanxi Guohua Jinjie Power Plant; provides SVG solutions for Qingdao Bombardier Sifang EMU, and successfully solves the existing problems of the on-site EMU traction network Low-frequency oscillation phenomenon; the use of railway traction network negative sequence and harmonic comprehensive treatment technology to solve the problem of negative sequence and harmonic voltage of railway users, Rongxin Xingye became the supplier of SVG products of Russian railway company; for the electric arc furnace of a steel mill in Poland The designed 120Mvar water-cooled container SVG is used for comprehensive power quality management programs. This management approach of adapting to differentiated needs and providing babysitting services has further expanded the brand influence of Rongxin Xingye.

The picture shows the installation site of Rongxin Industrial's SVG product project

Rely on technological innovation to build core competitiveness

The essence of market competition is technological competition. Whoever seizes the technological commanding heights will have the initiative in market competition. This well-known viewpoint has been deduced by practice in Rongxin Xingye. Industry insiders believe that the reason why Rongxin Xingye can dominate the domestic market with high-quality products is that it has strong independent technological innovation capabilities and a number of patent rights and copyrights. This is precisely the key to Rongxin Xingye's core competitiveness.

Speaking of Rongxin Xingye's innovative ability, we must first start with its talent structure. The company currently has more than 400 employees, among which more than 50% are those with a bachelor degree or above. The R&D and design team has gathered a group of high-level talents composed of bachelor, master and doctor.

The R&D and design team of Rongxin Xingye is the main body of its independent technological innovation ability, which is divided into SVC business department and SVG business department:

――The R&D team of the SVC Division is mainly engaged in the R&D of SVC products, series compensation products and ice melting devices. The developed technology of using SVC to control the negative sequence current of the regional power grid, with a direct-attached voltage of 35kV~66kV, a capacity of 100Mvar-300Mvar, an ultra-high power SVC using LTT (light triggered thyristor) valve technology, grid subsynchronous resonance suppression technology, and pure light triggered thyristor SVC technology, complete design technology of ultra-high voltage series compensation device, high-voltage series compensation control and protection technology, RX-KCX230/63 high-voltage series compensation spark gap device, etc., have become innovative highlights in the field of reactive power compensation device manufacturing.

At present, Rongxin Xingye possesses the "SVC compensation system complete design technology", "UHV series compensation complete design technology", "Grid (generator) subsynchronous suppression technology", especially in the high voltage series compensation device. , Are the unique core technology of Rongxin Xingye.

――The R&D team of the SVG Division is mainly engaged in the R&D and design of SVG and other products based on IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) as the core, and develops high-reliability conventional SVG products covering all voltage levels and various capacity segments. In addition, Developed SVG with electric arc furnace load flicker suppression function, SVG with synchronous oscillation suppression function, SVG with railway system voltage harmonic suppression and unbalance compensation function, as well as light direct current transmission, direct current transformer, low voltage SVG/APF, dynamic voltage Restorer (DVR), active power regulator, explosion-proof SVG, special power supply, shore power supply and other IGBT derivatives.

The SVG R&D team uses SVG to control power quality problems such as flicker, unbalance, and harmonics in the metallurgical industry to achieve a flicker suppression ratio of 5:1. The research and development based on high-voltage SVG suppressing high-order harmonic technology can achieve harmonics below the 25th. Suppression, based on SVG to achieve sub-synchronous oscillation suppression technology applied to multiple wind farms, railway locomotive production lines, multiple sets of SVG coordinated control technology and SVG and SVC coordinated control technology to solve the user's phased construction of reactive power compensation device expansion problems, etc., these achievements Technology can also be called innovative and unique.

Rongxin Xingye's innovation ability is also reflected in the "hardware" that guarantees innovation. The company has advanced power electronics test bases, 66kV/16000kVA high-voltage substations, SVC dedicated high-voltage full-load test centers and other facilities; modern clean and dust-free PCB production workshops are equipped with fully automatic and semi-automatic production equipment and testing equipment.

In addition, in terms of business operations, the introduction of modern OA, procurement and financial ERP and other enterprise resource planning management systems for accurate information management of the enterprise; comprehensive implementation of ISO9001, ISO14001 and other management systems, strengthening the construction of modern enterprise operation systems and management and control mechanisms, and significantly improving Improve the corporate value creation ability and operational management level.

With the integration of Rongxin Industrial Co., Ltd. under the umbrella of Tianjin Bailite Precision Electric Co., Ltd., with the help of the parent company’s capital advantage, capital market platform and brand effect, it combines its independent innovation capability with the parent company’s capital strength to enable the company to move towards a new level of development. Steps.

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