Green Life

It's believed that the lush growth of trees and grass can last forever. In Chinese, "Rong" means flourishing vegetation; "Xin" means the feeling of worship and admiration. Taking green life as a belief is not only the conceptual sublimation of the product and business of Rongxin, but also the intrinsic essence of the name of Rongxin.

RXPE advocates a green lifestyle, that is, to carry out the concept of green life within the enterprise, encourage employees for green consumption, make green behavior become the conscious action of employees, and enjoy the convenience and comfort in green lifestyle brought by green development. From the enterprise environment to the internal facilities, from the green hygienic standard to the indoor garden design, RXPE contributes its strength to the employees, the community and the world with the real green lifestyle.

Environmental protection concerns the survival of all mankind. In the face of the increasingly prominent climate crisis and environmental issues, only the unity and cooperation of all mankind can meet this global challenge. In the future, with the development of human science and technology and social progress, green life will certainly become an important part of the new development concept. RXPE will continue to promote enterprises to take the road of high-quality green development and do a good job in practicing and promoting green life in the process of development.

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