Purchase & Consultation

Purchase and consultation

Service Hotline

Service Hotline

SVC after-sales service and spare parts service:

Domestic telephone: 400-697-6686

Overseas telephone: +86-1834 1212126

Fax: +86-412-7213619

Email: SVCService@RXPE.COM

Address: No.5, Lianyi Road, Tiexi Economic Development Zone, Anshan, Liaoning Province

SVG after-sales service and spare parts service:

Telephone: 400-865-6990

Email: svgservice@rxpe.com(Domestic)

Email: svg-overseas@rxpe.com(Overseas)

Address:No. 108, Keji Road, High-tech Zone, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

Business Cooperation

Business cooperation

Manpower Consultation

Manpower consultation



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